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Precision takes the “Leap” with New XML Data Translation Tool

Precision takes the “Leap” with New XML Data Translation Tool

Precision Management Solutions Pty Ltd becomes the first reseller for LeapCAD’s XML Data Translation Tool.

One of Australia’s own, LeapCAD produces custom solutions to ease the data translation process from CAD to GIS. Their XML tool uses Autodesk’s AutoCAD Map 3D and the FDO (feature data objects) to easily and quickly transfer data from a simple SHP or TAB file produced from CAD data into an Oracle Spatial format with SDO_GEOMETRY or a SQL Server Spatial format.

FDO data access technology is an open source geospatial library; an API for manipulating, defining and analysing geospatial information regardless of where it is stored. For more information, please go to the following URL:

Supported formats include SHP, TAB, Oracle Spatial, SQL Server Spatial, WFS to Oracle and many others. Basically if there is an FDO Provider for the format, then the XML Tool transfers data from or to that provider from any other provider.

While transfers of the X, Y, Z locations of data have been possible for some time with other tools, the XML Tool allows attribute fields of all types to be included using a configurable XML file; text, real numbers, decimals, memo fields.

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