Precision Management Solutions

What We Do

We use data visualisation and business intelligence to create desktop and web mapping for users. We take clients on a journey that can involve data standardisation and cleansing in order to view and analyse the data effectively. Based on the client business requirements we perform data analysis and devise queries to create reports that contribute to their bottom line.

In essence we practise visual data mining. Our clients manage assets; buildings, services in the ground, vineyards, power stations, solar installations. If the item they’re tracking has a location on a map, it’s an asset. And mapping it and reporting on it is critical to asset management.

Some clients start with survey data in .txt, ASCII or .xls format. Some have AutoCAD drawings. Some have SHP and TAB files. The data starting point and format are not important; we take clients through the process of standardising the data into the desired format, which could include something as simple as a standardised register in Excel to an Oracle Spatial database.


Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is the presentation of data in a graphical format.

We are users of Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D, MapGuide Open Source and Global Mapper as well as some ESRI products and MapInfo. Basically it’s whatever tool(s) our clients have. We find that we generally need to get involved with the CAD and GIS formats to display the data in a meaningful way, and we like to push our clients towards standardization of data so that they can eventually utilize a web solution; it’s the most efficient way to distribute data to the organization. Some of our clients have opted to stay with desktop solutions and that’s okay too. The most important thing is getting all the data you have made visually available to those who need it.

Asset Management

What is an asset? It’s anything that has a geographical location and data attached to it.

Realistically, EVERYTHING we do is about asset management. Tasks like cleansing data, creating standards where needed, creating and modifying workflows, moving data from one format to another and creating a visual representation with reports. All these tasks collectively constitute asset management and we’ve been doing that for nearly 20 years. We’ve helped telecom companies, power stations, mines, universities, government statutory bodies and others with their asset management requirements. And each approach and solution was different. It’s YOUR data and you need to manage it in a way that works for you, not for a piece of software you’re trying to fit into.

Data Translation

Services designed to move data.

How do you move data from one format to another? From survey ASCII files to CAD data? Or from spreadsheets to a database? From CAD to GIS formats? From raster to vector? Between GIS formats? The round tripping of data between survey to CAD and GIS is tricky; there are differences in standards between organizations and sometimes even within organizations. We can help cleanse the data, standardize it and create a meaningful workflow with reports that matter. We’ve got some great tools that can help you today. We are also the exclusive reseller for the LeapCAD XML Tool Suite, a powerful and inexpensive tool that maximizes data translation.